Work Orders

Maintenance requests should be submitted online via Yardi Commerical Café, our electronic work order system.

All tenants are provided access to the property's work order system in order to register visitors, request building services, special cleaning, replace light bulbs, address hot/cold calls and the like. At occupancy, a member of the Management Team will meet with the designated tenant representative(s) to introduce them to the system. Upon request, Management can set up multiple authorized system users. The Yardi Commercial Café system enables the tenant to segregate those who can approve work orders and register visitors.

The work order system dispatches requests to individual management team members to expedite completion. Once the work order is complete, a confirming email is automatically sent to the initiator.

All work outside of the Landlord's requirements will be invoiced at cost plus 15%. Labor rates for the engineering and cleaning team adjust every January and also include a 15% mark up.